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WWE SmackDown

It sounds like Vince McMahon scolded Hit Row after firing B-Fab

Six months later, Hit Row’s release from WWE is still a head-scratcher.

Rumor Roundup: Reigns/McIntyre, Kai release, Dark Side of the Ring, AEW exit, more!

The latest rumors, including WWE holding off on Roman vs. Drew, Dakota not fitting the mold, VICE’s pro wrestling documentary plans, a Dark Order free agent, and more!

NBA & NFL team-up to give SmackDown & Rampage historically low ratings

April 29 was not a good night for wrestling’s television numbers. Check them out as we discuss why.

A very good photo from the end of WWE’s UK/Europe tour

The SmackDown crew’s overseas trip ended with a great moment... for everyone but Sami Zayn. Watch the angle that led to all the babyfaces kicking his butt and giving us this classic pic — right here.

Just leave the title on Roman Reigns for another few years


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The NXT raid makes sense, but is it good news for these Vikings?

Plus, the latest WWE tag team weekly roundup and power rankings!

Josh Alexander reaches the mountaintop

With an Impact World title win, and the #1 spot in our Community Wrestler Rankings. But it’s a new week, and your vote will give us a new top 10!

There’s got to be something better than this for Shotzi

Sometimes it’s better to not be on television than to lose like this.

Shayna Baszler & Natalya are losing their way to a title shot

The women’s tag team division in WWE!

SmackDown recap & reactions: Subject to change

WWE makes a curious change to a big match at just weeks out from WrestleMania Backlash.

WWE tag team title unification match becomes a six-man

All that teasing appears to have been for nothing.

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WWE SmackDown: Live Blogs

WWE SmackDown: Results & Reactions

WWE SmackDown: Video Playlists

SmackDown results, live blog: Steel cage!

Follow along with this week’s episode of SmackDown, featuring Drew McIntyre vs. Sami Zayn in a steel cage match, a Beat the Clock challenge between Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair, Ricochet vs. Shanky for the Intercontinental title, and more!

WWE finally teased Roman Reigns’ next opponent

Roman Reigns finally has a direction for WrestleMania Backlash.

Adam Cole finds something nice to say about that dirt bag Pat McAfee

Pat McAfee is a terrible human being but an amazing sports entertainer.

Ember Moon cried and quit WWE after they fed her another ‘sh*t sandwich’

It sounds like WWE has a wonderful work environment, doesn’t it?

Video: Jimmy Uso calls cop an ‘a**hole’ during most recent DUI arrest

It comes along with a report the WWE star pled no contest to the July 2021 charge, and has since completed court-ordered alcohol education courses.

Rumor Roundup: WWE name change, Rousey/Flair plan, Vince’s next Cena, more!

The latest rumors, including who’s losing their first name now, what the SmackDown Women’s scene could look like after WrestleMania Backlash, high praise for Theory, and more!

The Randy Orton lovefest is pretty amazing, and very cool

Just a few years ago, no one could have predicted that The Viper would become one of the most beloved figures in wrestling. But with WWE celebrating 20 years since his debut, we’re seeing lots of proof he now is. It’s pretty awesome.

The NBA Playoffs again did a number on wrestling ratings

SmackDown still won the night on broadcast despite its worst numbers since last July. Rampage finished 13th on the cable charts behind the two games that had the best ratings on all TV.

Is this a sign Roman Reigns is getting a custom title?

He just passed 600 days as Universal champion, and WWE reportedly has no plans to take the belt off him any time soon. Now they’re reminding us about about past title ‘reveals’...

Rumor Roundup: Asuka return, Mustafa Ali, Vince McMahon belief, more!

The latest rumors, including when Asuka might return to WWE, what she could be doing, another return scheduled, Vince McMahon making changes, and more!

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A pretty good (and deadly) NXT reset

Plus, all the latest WWE tag team weekly roundup and power rankings.

Samoa Joe leads an All Elite Wrestler Rankings

But it’s a new week, and your vote will give us a new top 10!

WWE didn’t even bother to try with Finn Balor

This isn’t the first time WWE has booked him into the ground.

WWE adds a new match to WrestleMania Backlash

A fight between former allies is no laughing matter.

Main roster manager LA Knight already has another client

LA Knight and MACE the FACE are joined by a new member of the Knight Model Management stable.

Thank the wrestling gods for Drew Gulak

He’s a gem, and a necessary one at that.

SmackDown spoilers for Apr. 29: Steel Cage, Beat the Clock, Roman Reigns, more!

Here are spoilers for the Apr. 29 episode of SmackDown, featuring a tease for Roman Reigns’ next opponent, McIntyre vs. Zayn in a Steel Cage, a Beat the Clock challenge between Rousey and Flair, and more!


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