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Bleeding Black & Gold, Behind Enemy Lines Cageside Seats Producer

Blackpool Combat Club needs something to do

Don’t get us wrong, we love all four of these violent bastards. But we don’t want to wait until Forbidden Door for them to have a purpose. Let’s talk about it as we jam through the highlights from the May 4 edition of Dynamite.

Dynamite closes with the AEW and ROH Women’s title scenes

May 4’s main event segment gave us a Double or Nothing Women’s championship match, and Mercedes Martinez as Ring of Honor’s only champ. Now where does that leave the debate on Tony Khan’s booking of women’s wrestling?

The bracket for the men’s Owen Hart Tournament is here

After the qualifiers on the May 4 Dynamite, we have seven of eight entrants. AEW then told us the final person in the field would be a ‘Joker’, and gave us bracket full of dream matches.

Julia Hart hasn’t been completely corrupted by House of Black

At least not yet...

W. Morrissey can’t stop Wardlow, so MJF will have to do it himself

HIs latest hired gun was finished by a powerbomb, so Max will step into the ring with his employee... with some conditions, of course.

Ezekiel (who is totally Elias) takes his campaign of lies to The Bump

Armed with nothing but more bad Photoshops, this menace continued to gaslight Kevin Owens, Kayla Braxton & all level-headed members of the WWE Universe on the YouTube show this morning.

Spring Breakin’ brings NXT its biggest audience in months

The demo rating was down NBA & NHL competition on May 3, but 2.0’s themed show brought older eyeballs.

AEW’s Colt Cabana is ‘Young Rock’s Brooklyn Brawler

Dwayne Johnson and Boom Boom kept this a secret before the premiere of last night’s episode about Rocky’s WWF debut.

Looks like Knox County is getting another four years of Mayor Kane

WWE Hall of Famer Glenn Jacobs was unopposed in the Republican primary, and will be a big favorite to win reelection in the right-leaning community come the general election in August.

Freddie Prinze Jr. is starting a unionized wrestling company

The actor and former WWE creative team member is working to launch within the next 18 months.