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EC3 on WWE: ‘When you’re a good soldier,’ you’re ‘first in line to get shot’

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Ring of Honor (ROH) wrestler EC3 reflects on his WWE main roster run.

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EC3 debuted a new gimmick after being cut from the WWE in April 2020, and that is because he left the sports entertainment megalodon as an entirely different person.

There are some fans who wonder why EC3 did not continue on with the Top One Percent gimmick that brought him success in Impact Wrestling and NXT. There is a general sentiment amongst wrestling fans that the best characters are extensions of the people portraying them. Simply put, EC3 is a different man following his WWE release.

“There was I guess a blind allegiance to my corporate employer at the time and there was probably feigning of happiness because I was in theory living my dream, so to speak,” he tells Cageside Seats’ Shakiel Mahjouri. “With Impact, getting the opportunity, becoming the world champion, becoming a mainstay and a top name there. Going to NXT... having fun, having a good run until the eventual hellish landscape callup.”

EC3 feels he did right by the WWE and that was his undoing.

“There was happiness and I don’t want to say purpose because that’s what I’m going for now, but there was a sense of wellbeing that I was doing the right things. But when you do the right things — this is something I often tell younger talent — when you’re doing the right things, when you’re a good soldier, you’re gonna be the first in line to get shot. So being a good soldier for that company, they had no problem shooting me. Frontlines and that’s fine, that’s okay. As a person, as a character, we all know the best wrestling characters are extensions of their real-life personality.”

EC3 recently announced his headlining bout against Scherr, taking place at Free The Narrative II on Fri., Oct. 1 (which you can pre-order here).

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